Master Mikey

Cash Fags Serve Real Men


Cash Fags Serve Real Men 

There is a reason that stupid dumb faggots like you give cash to real men like me, and do you know what that reason is faggot? Do you know, or are you too stupid to work this out? It’s power! its all about power bitch. You go to my NiteFlirt profile and tribute your miserly savings to me, because you know what I am, and what you will never be.

I am The Almighty Divine Master! I am your Master! I am excellence and excellence is simply being the object of desire for all those faggots out there like you. You have been created for a purpose and this purpose is to serve Master Santana.

I See You Cash Fag

Remember, I can see you. Remember, I see everything that you do and don’t do. Show me your devotion and how willing you are to reach salvation by tributing to me , Master Santana. Tribute me now Cash fag !  Show me what your full submission looks like. What your tiny feeble existence is capable off, surprise me cash fag. Tribute me now !!

Why You Need To Tribute Master Santana

Think about it faggot, what’s the first feeling that comes to your mind when you think of me, Master Santana, you know what that feeling is, I am your saviour, your superior, and its only right that you should serve me with everything in your power.... primarily your cash, your stupid cash fag. I am your ultimate present, my attention is everything to you, and you will pay for that attention cunt !!! I know just reading this is turning you on, and I can see that stupid grimy smile smeared all over your stupid face!  Your simpleton mind is ablaze with ideas, your tiny cocklet is twitching just thinking of you handing cash to me, I know it is, your heart is beating out of your chest isn't it ? and all you hope for in return is my attention... HAHAHA , a hope that one day I will give you a few crumbs of my attention.

Cash Fags Love Games

Do you like to play games bitch? I do, with faggots like you, and I want to hear the ping of a notification on my NiteFlirt profile with a big fat cash fag tribute and a message thanking me for being me. I want to hear that loud ping and know that you are on your knees as you send to me. This will fulfil your lifes calling, to serve me, Master Santana. 

Now, let's get to what needs to be done about that tribute. If you need some help choosing what to tribute, use my Cash Fag Wheel Spinner

Once you are spinning and sending me cash, get on your knees as if you are about to start a prayer, but pray to me faggot, all to me, direct your good wishes and your cash to me. Fold your hands in front of you and place them together palm to palm, with upward pointing fingers like the good cash fag you are.  

Cash Fags Prayer To Master Santana

Now I want you to chant in a loud voice the following prayer mantra, 

I’m a slut and a whore...a slut and a whore, I must give my earnings to the almighty Master Santana. Master Santana is the only one that understands me. Master Santana is the almighty force. His force is supreme. I am always responding to Master Santana’s talents. I am not the talent. I hear Master Santana calling all the time and I am fully open to his guidance. I worship Master Santana and his leadership is paramount in my daily life. Without him I do not exist on this planet. Master Santana is powerful and he means everything. I must give all my money to Master Santana.  

Tribute From Cash Fags Make Me Laugh

You make me laugh cash slut. Don’t mix up things. Your hardship will prevail as long as you live. Your stupidity, your private doubts and insecurities are written all over your face. Does it hurt to endure this dark secret of yours, pussy! How is it working hard all day, only to put that money at my feet! Lying to everyone you know, to your work colleagues? trying to explain where all the money goes?

Well, at least today, it seems that luck is on your side for the moment. I won’t tell anyone your dirty secret faggot. For a price. Tribute me now. Otherwise…. Hahaha… You will see Master Santana’s dark side too. Do it now! Ping Ping Ping in my NiteFlirt inbox,  NOW! 

Master Santana

A 28 year old straight dominant Master. I am from the beautiful country of Spain, and was educated in London, where I met Master Mikey. I take no talking back from weak little subs, they know there place when they see me. 

6 foot 4 tall and broad built, you will drool at my feet, knowing that I would never be interested in you faggot.