Master Mikey

Cashpigs Swollen Wallet


Cashpigs Swell Up

Cashpigs swell up with cash, like a zit swells up with puss, its the same thing. The more cash a cashpig accumulates the more it needs to release that cash, and that is where Masters come into play. It takes a skilled Master, an artisan, a true dominant to know the right way to extract cash from a piggy. The piggy knows that its simply holding another mans cash, but it must still be coaxed into knowing its duty and doing its duty.  

Barry The Cashpig

Barry is one of the older cashpigs that serve me, and every month its wallet fills with cash that is mine, it knows the cash is mine and I know its mine, so each month, I call Barry and we have the same conversation. I have to remind Barry that its a cashpig, that it has responsibilities which must be completed, and because its a cashpig, it has no right to money anyway, its supposed to be empty as much as possible. I told Barry this month that I want to know its wallet is empty for 90% of the month, and should its wallet have anything more than $50 in it, that it needs to be paid to me. Bills and rent and food aside, there should be no "spare" cash, because all cash is mine, so its by definition NOT SPARE. 

Barry is a good obedient cashpig, so it knows whats right and normally makes its payments to me within 24 hours of payday. This is the least it can do to be graced with my conversation, discussions and ongoing pig management. I am essentially Barry the Cashpigs banker, except no interest is ever paid, cash is simply always taken. 

For all you cashpigs out there that know this is the life for you, reach out, lets talk, this is what nature intended for you, so lets not go against what nature intends, she is always right.