Master Mikey

Fag Training Camp Day Two


Fag Training Camp Day Two

So you came back for another day, well done faggot, I am looking forward to tormenting you again. Lets start by you facing facts, you are a piece of shit, you are my property!  so whatever else this training does, that is something you must know first and foremost.

Also, in case you have forgotten, go back to my first days training and the first rule , you must obey my simple rule: don’t fuck with me faggot!

I have very little patience or toleration for fuckery, so pissing me off is a fatal mistake.  Follow my rules, or face the consequences of your mistakes via my big heavy black boots. There are very few things I enjoy more than crushing weak faggots like you, crushing you into tiny pieces, so even though I am going to train you with each visit you make, I might also just decide to use you instead. 

You are a total twat. A full on 100% twat, bent over like a old fuck in your 90s, stand up straight when you come before me faggot!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin our second day at the faggotry camp....hahaha  

Fag Camp Training Questions

Lets begin today with the question, What kind of fag are you? Are you a window licking retard fag, a dirty little shirt lifter fag or some other variety of faggot that I might not have encountered yet?

To me, it’s clear as day that you are not the normal garden variety faggot, your special, a special kind of fucked up faggot. I can see really whorish traits in you, the way your eyes are set too close together, and you walk with a slight hunch, you are special type of contaminated whore. You’re the whore that no one wants to be around. Does it sound familiar to you, you faggot cripple? So, come on tell me, what does this say about you? Have a guess… oh wait, you haven’t got a brain cell.

As the greatest Master in the World, underneath only Master Mikey, I will help you to answer the question, what type of faggot am I?

To get to the bottom of this question, which is actually a very deep question, you must begin by identifying your desires, 

  1. do you like cock?
  2. do you like balls?
  3. do you like to eat ass?
  4. do you have any basic intelligence?
  5. are you easily manipulated?
  6. do you enjoy humiliation?

I want you to take these questions away and answer them, and they will guide your answer next time I ask you what type of faggot you are. 

Fag Training With Silk Panties

Ok let’s get down to business with some practise now boi !

For this exercise you have to wear woman’s panties, the silkiest ones you have or can find, go on, get them on. How do they feel? Are they silky? Are they smooth? Are they big and wide to take your fat ass? Are they red or white? Come on pussy, don’t be shy, tell me everything. Tell your Master your darkest secrets while wearing those women's panties. I can keep secrets, do not worry bitch, Master Santana keeps faggot secrets really well. 

Look at you standing there, looking pathetic, have you shoved a dildo up your ass, if not why does it look like your balls are buzzing? and your tiny dick standing to attention? are you getting aroused boi? You filthy cocksucker, you can’t control yourself, can you? turned on just by my instructions? 

That’s enough. I didn't allow you to be aroused, this exercise is about control faggot ! and you certainly have no chance of cumming, so either let that tiny pin dick drop right now or I will punch it so hard that you lose that erection forever! Make a choice faggot !

Well done fag, you chose well, you were at a real risk of losing that cock , hahaha

Master Santana Suggests Cock Slapping

I want you to take this away as a lesson, you must be able to wear women's panties and not be aroused, at all, not have the urge to cum, you must lose all these feelings, so your homework is to stand in the mirror everyday with those panties on, and touch yourself, and you start to get hard, you must punch your cock or slap it with a large book... understood?  Do not disappoint Master Santana boi !   

Master Santana

A 28 year old straight dominant Master. I am from the beautiful country of Spain, and was educated in London, where I met Master Mikey. I take no talking back from weak little subs, they know there place when they see me. 

6 foot 4 tall and broad built, you will drool at my feet, knowing that I would never be interested in you faggot.