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Fags Pay


Master Mikey Makes Fags Pay

I am a 22 Year Old British Master, or what is termed as a dominant Alpha. This is not something that I chose, its something that nature chose for me. This is my proverbial cross to bear, and I bear it with pride. I have written several blogs in the last few years, all of which are alive and well. The audience that I serve here understands the implications of making fags pay, and enjoys the experience. For a more full description of me, check out my NiteFlirt Profile here

The Reason That Fags Pay

Fags pay because they must, its the nature of a fag to give its money to a Master, to a dominant, to a superior Man, a Real Man. Fags that pay are called PayPigs CashPigs CashWhores and HumanATM's in various places, theses are all interchangeable terms for what I call, simply fags.

A fag or faggot, a sub, a deviant, a fetish player are all terms for the same creature, a lowly beast that knows its place beneath the feet of a Master, knows its place is to worship an Alpha, because it is a beta. I have taken great pleasure in making fags pay for the last several years as this is both important for the fags, and an educational experience that further confirms to fags that the hierarchy of men is true and firmly in place.

The Reason I Created Fags Pay

I created this blog because fags need to pay, its the essence of a faggot cashpig to give to its superiors, it has no other use in the world, and this site allows it to bask in that reality. The fag can read and enjoy how other fags get treated in my hands, how other fags give cash and serve me.

This blog is a great way for faggot paypigs to learn what they must do to be the best little paypigs for their Masters. This blog is part masturbation material for fag cashpigs and part qualification for why they should be kneeling before me, with their wallet hands outstretched, singing my praises, as they hand over their hard earned cash.