Master Mikey

Kneeling Like A Fag


Kneeling Like A Fag

I love it when a fag kneels down, especially in front of lots of people, the more the merrier. It reminds everyone watching that I am the dominant superior and that the maggot in front of me is a submissive little faggot. My faggots enjoy being put in their place. 

Kneel To Your Master

When you kneel before me, I remind you by slapping you with my hands and my cock that you are beneath me, and you love it. You love what I do to humiliate you and show you that I am the boss. Its part of your journey to watch me humiliate you. 

Kneeling Is Natural

You should never be ashamed boi, its natural for you to assume the lesser role. You kneel to show obedience to me, to clarify to all onlookers that I am your GOD, that I am your superior.