Master Mikey

Pay Up Paypig


Pay Up Paypig

You know you need to pay, so what is all this charade about? you know why you need to pay up paypig, this is not a game, this is not just pretend, this is part of your life. You acknowledged long ago that you were an unworthy faggot, a paypig, and you told me you were going to spend your life paying for the attention of real men, so get on with it bitch, pay up you paypig cunt !

I See You Paypig

I don't care if you have changed your mind, and now think you are not a Paypig!  I see that weakness inside your heart, I know what you are, and no matter what you do, its there, the hunger, the need to serve, the need to give, the need to honour a Man greater than you, and I know that your little clit tingles when you give, as the notes leave your hands, your clit tingles and shakes, and shimmers like the little bitch you are... hahaha. 

Do not resist your fate, step up and be the faggot you are.