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Paypigs Payday Drain


Paypigs Payday

A paypig is at the height of its arousal on payday, so the payday is the paypigs best drain day. Most paypigs I deal with will prepare for the payday, because they know they can spend what they want on that day without worrying about not having the money to indulge in their addiction. 

Martins Paypig Payday

I got the call early morning, because the paypig had confirmation of money into its bank account at 5am on payday. I replied to it, telling it that I was in the office this morning, so it should head into the city as normal, and we would meet at the Costa we normally meet in. I got there and I could see it sitting by the windows nervously holding its bag, so I walked over to it, and without any niceties, I asked it to stand. The faggot got up without hesitation and knew which direction we were heading, this was a well oiled walk of shame. 6am London time we arrived at an ATM machine, the faggot looked at me, I nodded angrily, the fag knows never to look directly into my eyes , it must always look down. I told it to type in its numbers and then step aside, its did exactly as requested, and stepped away from the cash machine.

I stared at the faggot and laughed before I turned to the cash machine and typed in $250, the usual whirring of the cash machine as it counts the cash caused the faggot to flinch, I laughed more, what a weak faggot. I grabbed the cash, and without even looking back at the Paypig fag I walked away. That fag knows its worthless, and that I use it. The shame that it feels when I don't even look back at it is bad enough, not even a glance, the paypig is a nonhuman, an object for use, and I use it every chance I get.